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Los Angeles Kings
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 Los Angeles Kings  HISTORY + FACTS 
There really is nothing quite like professional sports. From the roar of the crowd to the energy of the athletes, it is an event unlike any other. Each sport is different, and features its own pros and cons. Some sports feature hard hits while others feature a delicate touch. Some sports offer extreme drama while others aren't as suspenseful. The National Hockey League has been providing professional sporting drama for nearly a century, and will continue to provide this well into the future. One of the teams that plays in this NHL is the Los Angeles Kings, a team based in a city known for its professional sports. While the Kings may not always be the hottest ticket in Hollywood, they are certainly able to provide enough drama to please any movie critic. The Los Angeles Kings were founded back in 1967, joining an already established professional sporting league. While they were the new kids on the block to the rest of the NHL, the Kings weren't about to be pushed around. This proved easier said than done, however, as the Kings were faced with years of losing records and dismal amounts of success. Fighting against older, more established franchises began to take its toll on the Los Angeles Kings, and they decided they needed to do something big. In 1988 the Kings new owner made a trade that shocked the world of hockey. He acquired the greatest player in the league at the time, and possibly of all time, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky immediately turned the team into a Stanley Cup title contender, but was never able to get the Kings over the top. He did, however, lead the team in scoring and win the league's Most Valuable Player award in his first season with the team. The Gretzky era may not have brought the championship success that the fans and owners were hoping for, but it certainly but the Los Angeles Kings on the map. Los Angeles Kings tickets are a great way to spend an evening experiencing high levels of drama and intensity. Any game that can break out in a fight in any given moment is sure to provide the amount of drama the fans crave. Tickets to see the Kings may not be something you seek actively, but just one game can change your mind. Being there is everything, and with these Los Angeles Kings tickets you will be there to watch it unfold before your eyes. If these tickets interest you be sure to check out these Detroit Red Wings Tickets, Anaheim Ducks Tickets, Phoenix Coyotes Tickets, San Jose Sharks Tickets, or Dallas Stars Tickets.