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Atlanta Hawks  
Dallas Mavericks
Oct 05 2015
Mon. 11:59 PM
Dallas Mavericks Season Tickets
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX
Oct 13 2015
Tue. 7:00 PM
Oklahoma City Thunder
Vs. Nba Exhibition Game: Dallas Mavericks
BOK Center
Tulsa, OK
Oct 25 2015
Sun. 11:59 PM
Dallas Mavericks Season Tickets
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX
 Dallas Mavericks  HISTORY + FACTS 
The Dallas Mavericks will be looking forward to another season of exciting NBA basketball. The Mavericks will be looking to reach the post-season again this year, and to do so they're going to have to put forth a solid effort and play great basketball. The Dallas Mavericks have had periods of great success in the NBA but have also gone through periods of extended losing. If they want to make this a successful season they're going to need the support from all their fans in Dallas. However, the Mavericks won't be the only team in the NBA looking to make an impact this season, so make sure you catch all the action with these Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets, San Antonio Spurs Tickets, New Orleans Pelicans Tickets, Houston Rockets Tickets, and Memphis Grizzlies Tickets. The Dallas Mavericks joined the National Basketball Association back in 1980 as an expansion franchise. Upon inception the Mavericks struggled to find consistency, and went through several losing seasons. They were finally able to break through and win their first divisional title in 1897, but came up short in the post-season. Then, after two decades of futility, the Mavericks fortunes would change dramatically. After being bought by new owner Mark Cuban, the Mavericks turned into a winning franchise that would be in the playoffs for years to come. Cuban brought in several exciting young players, including Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, and Michael Finley. They led the Mavericks to one of the best records in the Western Conference, and proved to be one of the most electric teams in the NBA. The Mavericks success reached an all-time high in 2006 when they won the Western Conference Finals for the first time in team history, and made their first trip to the NBA Finals. Even though their NBA Finals bid was unsuccessful, the Mavericks had established themselves as one of the toughest teams in the entire NBA. Led by Cuban and his desire to win, the Mavericks turned from a laughing stock to a dominant force in the National Basketball Association. As the Dallas Mavericks look to build on their past success this season there is no doubt they will be looking to earn another trip to the NBA Finals. They will do their best to change their fortunes from the past and finally take their place in the pantheon of NBA greatness. Make sure you get your tickets to see the Dallas Mavericks in action this season.